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A complete set of tools to save time. Thanks to this collection of 40 professional tools that you can fully do any work without errors and delays. His 15-year experience of building Office embodiedIn the ideal code solution works flawlessly with all versions of Excel and all data sets.

Simple and easy to use tool

UltimateSuite is a powerful set of tools for everyday use. Each add-in solves one of your normal activities, be it deletingDuplicateso merging data, flawlessly and it solves the problem. By combining several tools, you can easily build a solution for almost any task, such as a set of Lego. Your usual tedious, time-consuming and error-prone subroutines will not cause!

TestedMore 100 000 users worldwide

canUltimate Suite can work everywhere on your computer at home or in a terminal server, a campus, in a small office or a corporate network, no problem! Thousands of usersAll world have seenThis.

Supportslahat versions of Excel, 2003-2016

Each version of Microsoft Excel provides new features including new features and problems. We guarantee that your Suite will work flawlessly with any version, startingclassic in Excel 2003 and ending with the most up-to-date64-bit Excel 2016.

AbleBits Ultimate Suite 2016 Features:

– Data Tab Ablebits – professional tools for data management

The Utilities tab contains tools that simplify everyday tasks

– AblebitsThe Quick Tools tab is full of useful utilities intoa single click

– Combine twoTables the standard set.

– Combine several cells, rows or columns in one.

– Combine severalsheet.

– Combine data from the duplicate rows into one, leaving only unique data.

– Eliminate duplicate rows in the table.

– Mark 2 sheets for duplicates.

– FindFuzzy matches (such as entry or typo).

– Find (and replace) all open book at the same time, search for values, formulas, hyperlinks, etc.

– Finding and correcting broken links or links to other books.

– Find cell ofa specific color or font.

– LookallNumber or dates specified range.

– Trim excess space.

– Remove unwanted or obscene character.

– Change the text register.

– Eliminate empty rows or cells.

– Generate random unique number.

– Generate random strings, passwords, dates.

Shuffle Row, columns, or individual cells.

– Take a random sample from the set of your data (for lottery).

– Split a large table with several smaller tablesthe selected column.

– Divide the table into separate species cards for each record.

– Will my full name ofOne cells in separate cells for the name, surname, greetings and more.

What’s new in:

Fixed: A problem with disabled icon to start, Analysis Toolpak,

Analysis Toolpak – VBA included.

Updated: Merge Cells Wizard

ADDED: the ability to simultaneously merge cells in selected ranges

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1) Open and read the instructions

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