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ImageJ – a Java-based application of the analysis to the image.

ImageJ is running, either online or applet that downloads that app you can find here. ImageJ can display, Edit, analyze, process, storage and mencetak8-bit, 32-bit and 16-bit images, and is largely supported by the greater, and the form can be TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, DICOM, to leave as the “raw.”

The main use of which is ImageJ can calculate the area, which can be useful and it is also a good pixel grafisdesainer.Sed zheNemnogo, that the measure of the distance, and it allowsyou back to the corners of the upright, the density of the birth, and line graphs Histograms plot. It is also against the abuse of the process of the image of the standard functions such as support, sharpening, smooth, in the middle of the line detection, and filtering.

With a little slower can ImageJ Java is given a good image analysis instrument absolutely.


Added command “Delete Book GambarAlat weekend.”

Tim batch conversion process, with averageminui in size.

Thanks to two of Michael, may not do so unless the bug is fixed by the image windowwhen it is closed, and to save the stack formatTIFF.

Thanks from Valerio Mussi correcting Basic manager does not need to wait in the top of the source image to the left.

Fixed bug caused by the Thomas Carlsson sometimes into a “+” and “-” shortcut key (increase / decrease the scale) from the other device does not work well tincidunt.

to certain errors, to which he calls the run () macro with parameters so that “Dir = open», «min = Max Size” and “the last, the first range =».

tetapregresi which some defect of reason ().

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