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The Tibetan Mastiff lives in the mountains of snow, the life of the dog is a simple riff: The Guard in a quiet village makes the sheep wool of a wolf gang and the violent Linnux of its pack. In order to avoid distractions, the leader of the mastiff Khampa forbids all the music of the mountains. But when the son Khampasvodaradio passes by the plane,He takes some licking guitars for his fate to be sealed: Water wants to be a rock and roll star. However, this means challenging his parents want to go to the city and lehendarnoho- and an isolated place – musician Angus Scattergood, who has to write a new songand fast. If water can put the group together to help Angus with his song, wolves and defeat the conspiracy to take Snow Mountain, his life will be in harmony. Water will be the SEC always wanted to be: more than a dog … than hell rock-rock dog!

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