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Adblock Plus is a Chrome version of the hugely popular ad blocker in your browser.

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If you use the Internet, you’ll know how annoying it can be advertising. They flashes, blinks, and generally drogę.Jeśli you’re really lucky, you may even be dangerous. Adblock Plus removes the advertising pages, the reader who has a clean, peaceful white space in its path.

Adblock Plus works by using filters. If some elements prysutnichayutsna stronęFiltrygevorderde them.There are several ready-made filters are available and you can choose however many you want from the menu Adblock Plus settings.


If you are a little more technically capable, you will also be able to stworzyćwłasne filters or filtered before clicking on them and specify the choice of the block items by right. It is easier Developer Toolbar, which shows the isolated elements with filters.

Under Adblock adjustment PlusOpcjeDit will also be able to specific websites someadding other options to white list (to release them from blocking) and turn. You will also see the icon Adblock Plus in the address bar and press it will be possible to enable or call Adblock Plusw one click.

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If you are concerned the advertisement on the Internet, try Adblock Plus. You do not regret it.

Adblock Plus Firefox dapavnennishto you ads that appear blokop websites.

How’s this for Firefox, Adblock Plus is a small, modest program that sits at the topright corner of the navigation bar. By clicking on the red icon displays a list of blocked elements on the page, while the drop-down list shows more features and configuration options.

dlaże Adblock Plus it is to work properly, you will need to choose a filter Adblock. There are many pravaadin instructions on the website of the program, so do not worry about ditveel. If you choose not to subscribe to the newsletter, you can choose reklamęzamknij.

Adblock Plus works byidentifying the advertising on the website and completely prevent its occurrence. There is a risk that Adblock Plus accident something really isnt advertising, but in our tests it did not happen was close.

nawetjeśli Adblock Plus legitimate object saytdae information about what to do block – in fact, provide information on bynaelke aspect of the program.

Browse the Internet without advertising is very strange experience – you may even find yourself thinking that you niektórezfavorite pages a little blank look!

Fancy enter without ads? Then Adblock Plus provides for you.


Brazilian Portuguese translation was added again.

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Correct: Tabs on Flash and Java mights leak memory in some cases.

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CorrectSide effects size element list is blocked as the vertical extension vkladkiustalovvaetstsa (error 23890).

fix: statistics filters are removed in Firefox 4 when the browsing history cleared at the end of the browser (The theme of the forum).

Correct Listgeïsoleerde elements and the context menu properly in Firefox and SeaMonkey (error 23890) work.

fix: Bogus tooltip text indicates the button cross next to “Share us on Facebook.”

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