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SP Attain is a first-of-its-kind Software as a Service (SaaS) which provides full organizational scaffolding to ensure that enterprises’ day-to-day activities and investments build towards their ultimate outcomes.

Our systems allow you to create, update, and close the outcomes required to achieve your strategies while simultaneously ensuring ownership, urgency, tactics, contribution, opportunities, motivation, expectations, and sharing are managed along the way.
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Role-Based Security
Organization-Wide Search
Achievement Percentage
Proxy Access
Value-Add Modules
Data & System Alignment

Role-Based Security

Most organizations want their staff to understand the big picture—but, various elements of that work are often inappropriate for different tiers of employees. Simultaneously, information overload can lead to defocus, confusion, or compromised individuals and organizations.

Our role-based security understands your organizational structure, while also allowing exceptions for “defined access” to specific achievements. Put simply: your information is secure to only those who should have access.

role-based security screenshot

Organization-Wide Search

Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines have shown their value in the public domain; now, those same benefits are available to complex organizations which require layered access to data based on employee roles. Easily search individual achievements, notes, linkages to other data, and attachments to find the answers you need quickly and painlessly—even if contributing personnel or systems are no longer a part of your organization.
organization-wide search screenshot

X-Matrix, Without The Hassle

Replace cumbersome spreadsheets with a simple (yet dynamic) interface that supports multiple users while providing truncated access to employees as needed. SP Attain offers ease of rotation, zooming in and out, and highlighting of specific paths—thus allowing all the benefits of the traditional X-Matrix without the complications of traditional spreadsheet use. X-Matrix is just one of many layouts available out-of-the-box with SP Attain to assist you in sustaining Hoshin.
x-matrix screenshot

Introducing the Achievement Percentage

Achievement is not luck; top performers have defining characteristics which increase their probability of producing positive outcomes. We invested heavily to invent the world’s best achievement percentage—citing weighted combinations of Participation, Quality, and Completion—which can be used to understand and predict individual and organizational achievement. Leverage this data over time to refine your company’s biggest investment: its workforce.
achievement percentage screenshot

Your Preferred Interface

Achieve anytime, anywhere. From web browsers to phones and tablets, our interfaces allow users to work from their preferred devices on the run. Optional interfaces have been optimized for MacOS, Windows, Apple TV, and iWatch to provide even more opportunities to achieve and integrate day-to-day activity by leveraging the unique features and benefits of specific platforms.
interfaces screenshot

Proxy Access

It’s impossible to be available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our “Proxy” access allows authorized users to view and update other team members’ accounts, ensuring systems stay accurate and up-to-date. Proxy is frequently used by assistants, as well as those covering for colleagues on leave.
proxy access screenshot

Value-Add Modules

Our goal is to outsmart complexity. As such, we’ve designed SP Attain to be as simple or advanced as you need it—including optional modules to fit your unique needs. Use incentives for outcome achievement, or promote planning with organization-wide SWOT analysis. Technology partners can leverage SP Attain to add significant value to their solution by aligning their utility to the business outcomes of your organization.
value-add modules infographic

Data & System Alignment

Your existing systems may provide incredible value—but, that value often stays siloed within teams, limited to specific projects, and aged across set timeframes. SP Attain increases the utility of your existing systems by connecting data to your ultimate outcomes.

Our hub creates the linkage, data exchange, and action engine to promote greater integration, context, and achievement.

value-add modules infographic

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