Who We Serve

We work with organizations of over 200 personnel in complex environments. Our clients possess strong, transformational leaders that seek actionable insights, improved transparency, and a tested methodology for increasing achievement.

We're a good fit for your organization if:

You want to know where your problems are now, and how to see new issues in real time.
You want to better understand who contributes to those problems, and who solves them.
You want to get ahead of your financials with earlier insights on pace of achievement.
You want to try new things that help your best people get more done.

We Proudly Work Alongside

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Public, private, and government organizations all operate differently—but each maintains specific, desirable outcomes. Our product and services streamline the pursuit of those outcomes, with deep insights and unparalleled streamlining of complexity.
  • Understand at-risk outcomes earlier with horizontal and vertical transparency
  • Improve communication and collaboration by aligning everything and everyone to your ultimate outcomes
  • Achieve more by aligning efforts to outcomes, not just activity
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Shared Performance routinely bolsters the work of management consultants, serving as a valuable technology partner. Our SaaS not only helps your clients organize and achieve their outcomes, but also produces transparency for stakeholders.
  • Understand if progress is impacted due to: 1) your strategy, 2) the execution of your team, or 3) the customer
  • Determine new opportunities for your services by formulating plans to address underlying reasons that outcomes are not being achieved by the customer
  • Gain increased visibility, product revenues, and customer engagement with SP Attain
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Communities & Non-Profits

Some of the world’s biggest and most complex challenges–issues such as hunger, homelessness, and disease—are often the realm of nonprofits and local communities. If you represent an organization that could benefit from refined approaches to outcome management, reach out and ask about our special pricing for 501c3 organizations.
  • Improve volunteer management with greater visibility, alignment, and focus
  • Provide real-time visibility to donors supporting specific outcomes
  • Demonstrate the outcomes supporting the organization’s purpose and cause
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Fellow Technology Providers

Our best-in-breed SaaS allows third-party systems to do what they do best while extending their value by more clearly aligning work to business outcomes.
  • Demonstrate transparent business value for your existing solution by aligning your utility to users’ ultimate outcomes
  • Attain additional sales from organizations looking to increase achievement by using your products and services
  • Influence the A% with data and/or features from your solutions