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Shared Performance delivers methodology—supported by robust services and twice-patented technology—to map your organization’s goals and provide unified paths to achievement across employees, partners, and contractors.

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Prioritizing what matters:
your outcomes.

Outcome Management was created to map, measure, and refine the elements which contribute to the ultimate “outcomes” of complex organizations. By scaffolding the connections between these elements, we help organizations achieve more, waste less, and improve transparency both vertically and horizontally.

Our systems enable your ability to manage the core principles of Outcome Management: ownership, urgency, tactics, contribution, opportunities, motivation, expectations, and sharing.

outcome management infographic

Reducing the impact of complexity.

Escalating complexity is impacting individuals’ and organizations’ ability to achieve. Multiple locations, numerous generations, matrix management, and various stakeholders are just a few examples of how getting things done can now be extremely complicated—no matter how great your team is.
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Experiencing the big picture like never before.

Track your progress towards organizational outcomes in seconds, using the view of your choosing. Easily scale into contributing outcome segments for more detail, or zoom out for insight at a single glance.
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Identifying risk sooner.

We highlight contributing factors which put your most important outcomes at risk of failure, allowing you to pivot in real time with impactful solutions.
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Integrating seamlessly.

Like your existing tools? Keep them! SP Attain (and our accompanying consulting services) exist to unite your existing technology while providing a top-level, guiding light to achievement.

While other platforms you use may help organize the daily minutia of projects, tasks, and deliverables, SP Attain maps those elements across your desired outcomes to prioritize “big picture” progress. This value is unique, as much of what your organization hopes to achieve is actually not task-based—it’s outcome based.

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Progress is good.
Achievement is better.

Measuring progress is important, but are you measuring your actual achievement? Introducing the Achievement Percentage, an accurate way to measure the outcomes of your day-to-day efforts and how they move you closer (or further away from) your ultimate goals.

Easy to get started

Our comprehensive consulting services help you hit the ground running, painlessly, and sustain momentum over time.
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Our in-depth assessment reviews how your organizational outcomes are managed today, and how our unique framework can improve your odds of achievement.


Stay focused on your business goals and day-to-day operations while we help you hit the ground running with our best-in-class process and patented tools.


We’re here to help you succeed—today, and tomorrow. Our support and training programs will bring you from outcome novices to outcome experts in no time.