X-Matrix for Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is a highly successful strategic planning approach which has been adopted by organizations around the world. However, limitations of traditional X-Matrix implementation—which is often managed via extremely complex spreadsheets—require extensive, manual maintenance and often produce long-term issues with sustainability. As lovers of the Hoshin Kanri philosophy, we set out to reduce complexity and maintenance via a dedicated and impactful tool: Attain.

Our Unique Upgrades to the X-Matrix:

Dive Deeper

Dive Deeper With Layered Rotation

Explore depth via additional layers that would have been impossible with a single, traditional X-Matrix previously. Rotate to explore as high- or low-level as needed.
Explore & Sort With Multiple Views

Explore & Sort With Multiple Views

Examine the elements of your strategic planning in a number of views, including list and nested list options. Sort by due dates, achievement owners, and more.
Visualize Connections

Visualize Connections Like Never Before

Explore the interrelatedness of your organization's achievements in a dynamic, graphical mapping—or, any of several other views. Select any outcome to view details and add further connections with ease.
Update Matrix Elements

Update Matrix Elements With Ease

Connect attachments, notes, team members, and more in a single dashboard. And, view past edits and insights to ensure your path to achievement is never slowed by missing historical perspectives.
Six ways we've improved the traditional X-Matrix
01 | Unlimited Levels
Traditional X-Matrix spreadsheets are limited to just three levels before duplication, or additional tabs are required.
Our digital mapping allows for infinite levels in initial construction, as well as incorporation of new entries and levels during execution.
02 | Progress Updates
Status updates and pivoting priorities require extensive, manual updating of the X-Matrix.
Our solution allows you to track real-time progress and add, remove, or update fields within your X-Matrix as new risks and opportunities arise.
03 | Secured Access
Disparate teams and organizational contributors often don’t need (and frankly shouldn’t have) access to your full X-Matrix.
Our solution allows you to securely define access depth for individuals, teams, contractors, and stakeholders—and update with ease.
04 | Historical Tracking

Historical tracking of results and changes is extremely difficult, as prior iterations tend to be discarded with each revision.

Our solution tracks updates to X-Matrix elements, and allows incorporation of comments, links, communication logs, and attachments.
05 | Additional Views
Users are limited to a single view option for matrix elements—the traditional build dictated by spreadsheets.
Use our solution to examine elements across multiple views, presenting the same data in a new way to better suit current workflow needs.
06 | Other Achievements
Non-strategy related conditions interfere with tactical execution of X-Matrix achievements, and do so without documentation.
Any achievement (whether strategic, operational, or compliance- related) fits within our system to better capture your “big picture” alongside your X-Matrix.

Ready to experience the future of the X-Matrix?